2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVE]

Program Options

Program 1 is designed for college graduates with no previous studies in Bible or theology. Program 2 is designed for college graduates who have at least 30 semester hours of Bible, theology, or Church history.

Program 1 purpose is to provide:

  • Globally-focused, multicultural ministry training for college graduates whose previous study has not included biblical and theological disciplines.
  • Ministry training for individuals who are changing careers.
  • An opportunity for personal development through careful study of the Scriptures and application of biblical truth to life and ministry.
  • An opportunity to test one’s call to vocational Christian service through ministry studies and supervised experience.

Program 2 purpose is to provide:

  • Advanced ministry preparation that acknowledges and builds on prior studies in Bible, theology, and Church history.
  • Specialized training for individuals who intend to serve in another culture.
  • Professional development for individuals in ministry who desire the refreshment and growth stimulated by advanced studies.
  • Advanced training in biblical studies.

The Program 2 curriculum has been constructed to ensure adequate coverage and balance in essential areas of preparation for ministry without unwarranted duplication of prior study. Where duplication occurs, a student may petition to substitute another course in the same field of study.

Advanced Master of Divinity Option 

Students who completed at least 30 hours of Bible and Theology in their undergraduate studies may take up to fifteen hours of advanced Bible and Theology courses as part of their core. The following table sets out those advanced courses in contrast to the foundational courses. This advanced option has been constructed to ensure adequate coverage and balance without unwarranted duplication of prior study. Where perceived duplication occurs in areas in addition to Bible and Theology, students may pursue advanced standing as described under Competency/Proficiency Examinations in the Academic Policy section of this catalog.

Foundational  Courses 

Advanced Courses

BIB 5112 - Introduction to the Old Testament 1  

BIB 6320 - Old Testament Theology 

BIB 5113 - Introduction to the Old Testament 2 

BIB 65xx Old Testament Book Study

BIB 5135 - Introduction to the New Testament 

BIB 6330 - New Testament Theology  

THE 6310 - Theology and Ethics 1  

THE 6211 - Studies in Historical Theology 

THE 6320 - Theology and Ethics 2 

THE 6311 - Doctrine of Scripture