2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVE]

Psychology, BS (or 5 Yr BS/MA)

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Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Psychology program is to develop students to research and address the mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual growth needs of people in clinical, academic, and church/mission settings.


In addition to the mission statement, general objectives, and requirements of the University, the objectives of the Psychology program are:

  • Enable students to evaluate psychological paradigms by the authority of Scripture, helping them to precisely articulate a biblically consistent and empirically powerful model of human psychology.
  • Enable students to understand and apply the scientific method within the field of psychology as consumers or producers of psychological research.
  • Enable students to develop an elemental knowledge of the biological, psychological and social foundations for human experience along with an understanding of how this core knowledge in psychology flows from and contributes to other disciplines.
  • Provide students with opportunities to explore the connections between what they are learning and their future goals in the workplace, ministry, graduate school and/or the helping professions.

Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum 120 semester hours credit
  • Complete 18 hours in Bible and Theology courses.
  • 6 semester hours of Leadership Development courses.
  • Minimum of 30 semester hours of General Education
  • Minimum 36 semester hours in Psychology courses.
  • Minimum 30 semester hours of upper division courses
  • Satisfactory evidence of Christian character and doctrinal views
  • Meets all ethical requirements and Student Life standards
  • Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA

See Undergraduate Core  for all requirements.

Master of Arts in Counseling (five year), BS/MA Option

CIU’s Clinical Counseling program, in conjunction with the Psychology major of the College of Arts and Sciences, offers an integrated program of study that allows academically-gifted, mission-quality students who have a clear sense of calling to become licensed professional counselors to complete both a Bachelor of Science degree with a Psychology major and a Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling degree in five years. View detailed information  . 


Course of Study (120)

Degree Core (54)

Major Designated Mathematics Course (3)

Choose one of the following Culture and Arts courses (3)

Choose one of the following Science courses (3)

Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation (6)

Psychology Major (36)

Human Process - Choose one of the following (3)

Comparative/Physiological Process - Choose one of the following (3)

Professional Experience Course - Choose one of the following (3)

Electives in Psychology - Choose 4 of the following (12)

Open Electives (30)

  • Choose 10 courses from any department (see note below)


  • Students taking the 5-year BS/MA in Psychology/Counseling will commit the 30 hours in free electives to Counseling courses.
  • Students working toward a BS in Psychology are encouraged to choose a minor to complement their major program of study or consider a Bible major.  Most minors are comprised of 18 credit hours.
  • Students are also encouraged to focus 12 hours (4 courses) in the following areas: American Sign Language,  Art, Bible, Communications, Economics, English, Greek, Hebrew, History, Humanities, Music, Philosophy, Science, Social Science, Spanish or Theology.

Suggested Program of Study

Year 1 - Spring

Year 2 - Spring

Year 3 - Fall

Year 3 - Spring

Year 4 - Fall

Year 4 - Spring

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