2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
    Mar 29, 2023  
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVE]

Youth Ministry Leadership Concentration, MDIV

The Youth Ministry Leadership concentration provides students with specialized knowledge and skills to reach the next generation by evangelizing and discipling youth and their families and to equip others for youth ministry.

Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree provides students with a comprehensive range of biblical-theological knowledge and practical skills for ministry leadership in a variety of contexts. Through a personalized curriculum, this program prepares students for effective ministry in a local church, with a para-church organization, or with a mission agency.

In addition to the mission statement and general objectives and requirements of a CBS degree, the objectives of the Master of Divinity degree are to enable students to:

  • Analyze and synthesize the basic content, context, and themes of the Old and New Testaments, with an emphasis on God’s historical-redemptive mission, as revealed through Scripture’s metanarrative and exemplified in the Great Commission.
  • Practice sound exegesis and exposition of the biblical text in its original languages, with an emphasis on how passages speak to contemporary issues in individual and corporate contexts.
  • Engage contemporary global challenges to orthodox belief and practice based on support from key biblical passages that undergird foundational doctrines, applying insights from the history of global Christianity to twentyfirst-century issues, needs, and challenges.
  • Analyze cultures and worldviews from a biblical perspective as the basis for effective, biblically-contextualized ministry that equips and encourages others to grow as disciples and disciple-makers in the church, mission field, and/or marketplace.
  • Apply biblical principles, techniques, and paradigms to the practice of leadership, pastoring, preaching, teaching, and counseling.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in ministry and organizational knowledge, skills, and attitudes gained through MDiv studies in a focused internship under the supervision of an on-site mentor and a faculty advisor.

The Master of Divinity degree is available fully online. Please contact Admissions for further information.

Course of Study (78)

Biblical Languages (12)

Advanced Master of Divinity Option

Students who completed at least 30 hours of Bible and Theology in their undergraduate studies may take up to eighteen hours of advanced Bible and Theology courses as part of their core. The following table sets out those advanced courses in contrast to the foundational courses. This advanced option (program two) has been constructed to ensure adequate coverage and balance without unwarranted duplication of prior study. Where perceived duplication occurs in areas in addition to Bible and Theology, students may pursue advanced standing as described under Competency/Proficiency Examinations in the Academic Policy section of this catalog.

Advanced Courses

Foundational Courses

BIB 6320 - Old Testament Theology   BIB 5112 - Genesis to Song of Solomon: God’s Plan of Creation & Redemption  
BIB 65xx Old Testament Book Study BIB 5113 - Prophets: God’s Message of Redemption and Judgement  
BIB 6330 - New Testament Theology   BIB 5132 - Gospels: God’s Means of Providing Redemption  
BIB 66xx New Testament Book Study BIB 5133 - Acts to Revelation: God’s People Proclaiming Redemption Globally  
THE 6211 - Studies in Historical Theology   THE 6310 - Systematic Theology in Global Christianity I  
THE 6311 - Doctrine of Scripture   THE 6320 - Systematic Theology in Global Christianity II  


Suggested Program of Study


  • XXX xxxx Concentration Course Credits: 3 (May be taken during any summer)

Year 3 - Fall

* Please note that INT 6217 will be CHP 6060 for the Chaplaincy concentration

Year 3 - Spring