2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVE]

Educational Opportunities


Chinese Seminary Studies

Columbia Biblical Seminary offers a range of non-credit courses, one for-credit certificate, and three credit-bearing degrees fully online in Chinese. These options are designed to equip Chinese church leaders with a high quality and affordable theological education. This program prepares these leaders to serve their congregations more effectively and to fulfill the Great Commission by offering classes specifically tailored to their needs. The program design consists of three “building blocks” that allow students to complete the level of study that meets their needs while moving seamlessly between elements of the program without repetition or loss of time. The non-credit diplomas in Bible and Missions consists of six courses each. The Bible and Theology Certificate is a fully-accredited eight-course curricula that serves as a bridge option for some students. The Master of Arts (Missiological Studies), Master of Arts (Theological Studies) and the Master of Arts in Bible Exposition are fully-accredited sixteen-course degrees that allow students to tailor their studies to their individual ministries.

European Council for Theological Education: Korntal, Germany

The European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) began as a partnership between Columbia International University and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelikaler Missionen (AEM). In 1978 AEM launched a program of continuing education for missionaries which matured in 1985 into the Freie Hochschule für Mission (FHM). Shortly thereafter, a desire to offer university credit led to discussions exploring a partnership with CIU. In 1990, a credit-offering program of FHM was recognized as an extension site of CIU and in 1994 CIU-Korntal was established as a complete degree site of CIU. When the Akademie für Weitmission Korntal (AWM) was founded as the successor to FHM in 2000, an integral aspect of AWM was the continuation of the partnership agreement with CIU.

CIU now operates a complete degree site in Korntal, Germany, a village with longstanding evangelical and missionary heritage, located just northwest of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. German language programs and English language courses that are contextually attuned to the culture and context of German-speaking Europe are offered. The campus is a place of spiritual preparation and missiological study for all who wish to prepare for missionary service both in Germany and internationally.

CIU’s European Council for Theological Education (ECTE) offers a variety of educational programs. Graduate-level students enrolled at the ECTE may earn the Biblical Ministry Certificate, Master of Arts degree, Master of Divinity degree, Doctor of Ministry degree, or a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

CIU students serving in Europe have the opportunity to take modular courses at ECTE-Korntal which applies to programs as resident credit. This is an opportunity to study alongside others from their host country and share learning processes related to ministry. It is also an opportunity to continue working on a degree while in their country of service without taking prolonged periods of absence.

For more information, e-mail info@awm-korntal.de or visit www.awm-korntal.de.

Honors Program (Undergraduate)

The Honors Program exists to offer additional opportunity for highly motivated students to enhance their educational experience at Columbia International University. The Honors Program is open to students of every major and most students will be able to complete the program within their recommended program of study. As part of their degree program, students in the Honors Program complete a series of courses with the “Honors” designation. Within these courses, students will have the opportunity to engage critically with readings from works identified as the “great books” in human history and to further develop skills in communication (written and oral), research, and critical thinking (analysis and synthesis of material). This series of courses covers areas of literature, theology, philosophy, psychology, and biblical studies. As a capstone to the program, students will also complete an Honors component of a senior-level course in their respective major. Interested students should contact Admissions for entrance requirements and information about application.

Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies

The Zwemer Institute was established in 1979 to offer in-depth courses in Islam, produce papers, foster dialogue, and facilitate research on pertinent topics. In 2003, the Zwemer Institute moved to the campus of Columbia International University to become the Zwemer Center for Muslim Studies. Every year the Zwemer Center offers graduate-level courses on the Columbia campus. Most courses are in a one-week intensive format offered in January and July. Some courses are available through distance education year-round and some are offered on campus during Fall and Spring semesters. All intensive courses may also be taken as non-credit seminars. (Non-credit seminars are also available at other locations upon request.)

Cooperative Educational Programs

AMBEX Semester Abroad in Germany

Columbia International University has an articulation agreement with the AMBEX semester abroad program sponsored by Corban College in Salem, Oregon. This semester experience in Germany is offered in English and includes approximately 16 credits of coursework such as geography, Reformation theology, Christian worldview, art history, and an introduction to the German language. The program is headquartered in Regensburg, one of the oldest Roman settlements in Germany, located on the Danube River about an hour from Munich. Extensive travel is part of the experience.

Best Semester Ever Program

Best Semester Ever Program is the portal for the off-campus study programs offered by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). A total of 11 semester programs and one summer program are offered and designed to serve the academic interests of CCCU member institutions. Students from CIU have participated in several of these off-campus programs in the past, including the L.A. Film Studies Center, Australia Studies Centre, and the Oxford Summer Program. For more information, visit www.bestsemester.com.

Carolina Theological Consortium

In order to advance the cause of Christ through graduate-level theological education in North and South Carolina and to affirm a spirit of collegiality, Columbia Biblical Seminary is a full member of the Carolina Theological Consortium. Other members of the consortium are Erskine Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary—Charlotte, and Reformed Theological Seminary—Charlotte. Students in good standing in each of the member schools may cross-enroll in master’s or doctoral degree courses offered by any of the schools and may borrow library materials from any of the schools. Admission of students who wish to cross-enroll depends on an available space.

Colson Fellows Program

Qualified CIU students now have the opportunity to participate in the Colson Fellows Program, a powerful entrepreneurial program designed for men and women with busy, complex lives. This unique program uses online learning to provide an intense, rewarding discipleship experience. A CIU faculty member will supervise and grade the courses. Students who successfully complete the four online courses will receive a Colson Fellows Program certificate.

The HEART Village

The HEART (hunger, education, and resource training) Village offers courses to a cohort of students from a variety of schools participating through articulation agreements. The HEART Village is affiliated with and located adjacent to Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. CIU students selected to participate in the program will be under faculty supervision. (Please note that admission to the HEART Village at CIU requires an additional application process.)

Institute of Theological Seminars

The Institute of Theological Seminars (ITS), a joint ministry of Great Commission Center International (GCCI) and Christian Renewal Ministries (CRM), is dedicated to providing graduate theological training for Chinese Christian professionals. Through a formal articulation agreement, Columbia Biblical Seminary permits students who have completed studies at the Institute of Theological Seminars to become transfer students with advanced status in the certificate and degree programs of CBS. Students transferring from ITS must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college at the time they pursue coursework at ITS.

Jerusalem University College

Since Columbia International University is a member of the Associated Schools Consortium of Jerusalem University College (JUC), CIU students have access to an off-campus center for the study of biblical history, geography, and archaeology on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Students enrolled in CIU’s bachelor’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies have a year of study in Jerusalem built into their program (provided they are accepted to attend JUC). Students in other CIU programs may supplement their studies with courses at JUC.

JUC provides exposure to the history, culture, language, and geography of Israel from antiquity to the present. The faculty includes Christian, Jewish, and Arab scholars from the faculties of Israel’s leading institutions, as well as JUC’s resident faculty. Classroom instruction is complemented with field work in archaeology and historical geography. Students may study the Hebrew language, biblical history, Middle Eastern studies, and early Christianity studies. Undergraduate students may bring up to one year of study at JUC into their program at CIU. Graduate programs are also available through JUC’s School of Graduate Studies. For more information, visit www.juc.edu or contact the Middle Eastern Studies program director.

Midlands Technical College

Credit earned through completion of Midlands Technical College’s Associates of Applied Science Degree in Management may now be applied to either CIU’s residential Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration or online Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

NewSpring Leadership College

NewSpring Leadership College alumni (those who have completed two full years of study) may be eligible to receive up to 30 semester hours transfer credit to Columbia International University. Certain guidelines apply. Please see the University Registrar for details.

New York City International Project

In partnership with the New York City International Project, CIU students can complete much or all of the MA in Intercultural or Muslim Studies while serving in a church planting internship among Muslims and internationals in New York City. Students may earn six hours of internship credit for this experience while enrolling full or part-time in CIU’s online studies. More information can be found at https://internationalproject.org/opportunities/equip-missionary-training/

Penn View Bible Institute 

CIU has a Memorandum of Understanding with Penn View Bible Institute whereby credits earned at Penn View may be transferred on a one-to-one basis into appropriate course requirements in CIU degrees. CIU agrees to recognize students having completed a four-year program at Penn View consisting of at least 120 credits as having the equivalent of an earned bachelor’s degree for the purpose of admission into its graduate programs, as long as all other admission requirements are met. CIU agrees to accept students completing a four-year program at Penn View consisting of at least 120 credits into its graduate programs designed for Bible college graduates, generally known at CIU as “Program 2” programs, as long as all other admission requirements are met.

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries

Solid Rock Outdoor Ministries (SROM) is a Christian outdoor leadership education and wilderness adventure ministry with its headquarters in Laramie, WY. Their programming activities include backpacking, rock climbing, mountaineering, back country cooking, alpine and back country living, orienteering, and community building. SROM programming occurs in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and desert southwest with courses and trips conducted in Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona in locations such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Wind River Wilderness, and Grand Canyon National Park. SROM is accredited by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE).

This agreement permits students from CIU and others who are qualified through registration via the CIU temporary student-application process to participate in four of SROM’s specialized courses for credit.

Vox Bivium

Vox Bivium is a nine-month gap year school located in Travelers Rest, SC. It accepts high school graduates and college-age young adults who accept the quest to gain better clarity and understanding of who they are and what God has called them to do. Vox Bivium students enroll in CIU courses to earn credit toward a CIU bachelor’s degree.