2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    May 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVE]

Music, BA

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Purpose and Objectives

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree prepares musicians for future performance and pedagogy applications in church and secular settings as well as in the mission field.  Students will also be prepared to continue their studies at the graduate level. Upon successful completion of the requirements of the University and music program, students will have obtained:

  • A strong working knowledge of music theory and its practical use in creativity and performance.
  • A high degree of proficiency on a major instrument.
  • Skill and knowledge required in assisting corporate worship in various contexts through music in the local church.
  • Knowledge of the great composers, performers, and musical works of Western Society from the Middle Ages to the present day, and how this music reflects and influences the culture in which it was created.

Admission and Continuation Requirements

  • Potential music majors must meet the University undergraduate admission requirements and pass an audition for entrance into the music program.
  • At the end of the sophomore year, students will be evaluated for continuation in the program through private lesson juries for proficiency and grade point average (GPA).

In addition to the required in-class music courses, the following are required of all music majors:

  • Music Convocation (MUS 1000) is required of all students who major or minor in music. Music majors must take it every semester.  Music minors must take it any semester they are enrolled in another music course.
  • Internship: Students must take a total of two (2) credits of Internship.
  • Private Lessons: Students are required to take eight semesters of private lessons in their applied instrument.
  • Ensembles: Students are required to take eight semesters of ensembles, at least four of those semesters must be Ambassador Choir.
  • Piano Proficiency Exam: Students must pass the Piano Proficiency Exam in which they will learn and demonstrate the skill appropriate for a college-level music major.
  • Senior Recital: In the final semester, seniors will register for and perform a public recital of level-appropriate literature representing a variety of style periods.

Completion Requirements

  • See Undergraduate Core  for graduation requirements.
  • Students must earn a passing mark in all courses required for Bible and Theology, Interdisciplinary Bible-related courses and General Education as well as completing and passing all courses and requirements of the Music Major.
  • Students must earn a cumulative average of 2.3 (C+) in Music Theory. Any private lesson grade lower than a 2.7 (B-) will not count towards graduation requirements for music majors or minors.

Course of Study (120)

Degree Core (54-55)

Sociological and Psychological Core (3) - Choose one of the following:

Math (3) - Choose one of the following:

Culture and Arts (3) - Choose one of the following:

History (3) - Choose one of the following:

Science (3) - Choose one of the following:

Music Major (54)

Music Course Electives - Choose 6 credits from the following courses (6)

Ensemble Requirements (8)

Students must take at least 1 ensemble per semester (must take at least 4 semesters of Ambassador Choir)

Open Electives (12)

  • Choose courses from any department


Some students will need to maintain 30 credits minimum each academic year.  Please connect with the Financial Aid Office for questions pertaining to scholarship requirements: FinAid@ciu.edu

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