2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
    Aug 17, 2022  
2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Middle Eastern Studies, BS

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Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Middle Eastern Studies program is to prepare students for international ministry opportunities, particularly in the Middle East. The program includes a year of study in Israel at Jerusalem University College (JUC), an evangelical institution with which Columbia International University has a consortial relationship. While in Israel, students will be placed in Jewish or Arab ministry contexts to develop their ministry skills according to their vocational goals.

In addition to the mission statement, general objectives, and requirements of the college, the objectives of the Middle Eastern Studies program are to develop in students the skills and knowledge necessary to:

  • Gain experience in Middle Eastern life and culture.
  • Develop cross-cultural communication and ministry skills.
  • Understand more clearly the beliefs and practices of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Acquire a firsthand knowledge of the geography of Israel, Egypt, and Jordan.

See Undergraduate Core  for graduation requirements.

Note: There may be times when the political unrest in the Middle East forces JUC to discontinue classes for a semester or longer. Consult the program director for the current status of studies at Jerusalem University College. Study at JUC requires a separate application process, and acceptance into CIU does not imply or guarantee acceptance into JUC. Please consult the program director for details.

Course of Study (120)

Degree Core (54)

Choose one of the following Mathematics courses

Choose one of the following Culture and Arts courses

Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation (6)

Middle Eastern Studies Major (36)

Foundation (18)

*Students also may have other course offered by JUC on the Modern Middle East to meet the foundation requirement for the MES major or minor currently met by either MECR 360 or MECR 365.

  • GEO 311 - Physical Settings of the Bible Credits: 4 [JUC course]
  • Credits: 3 [CIU course]
  • Credits: 3 [CIU course]

  • MECR 360 - Introduction to the Modern Middle East Credits: 3 [JUC course] *
  • or

  • MECR 365 - Palestinian Society and Politics Credits: 3 [JUC course] *

  • MECR 380 - Ministry Skills in Middle Eastern Studies Credits: 2 [taken twice at JUC]
  • MECR 381 - Practicum in Middle Eastern Studies Credits: 3 [JUC course]

Designated Electives (18)

*Other Jerusalem University College courses also meet this requirement. Consult the JUC catalog or website (www.juc.edu) for more information.

This major requires students to select 18 additional semester hours of courses in Middle Eastern Studies according to their vocational goals. Courses that meet this requirement include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • ARCH 300 - Biblical Archaeology I Credits: 3 *
  • BL 460 - Modern Standard Arabic I Credits: 3 *
  • BL 461 - Modern Standard Arabic II Credits: 3 *
  • HIST 321 - Cultural Background of the Bible Credits: 3 *
  • HIST 331 - History of the Second Temple Period Credits: 3 *
  • MECR 340 - History of the Church in the East Credits: 3 *
  • MECR 342 - History of the Holy Land from the Rise of Islam to 1948 Credits: 3
  • MECR 345 - Jewish Thought and Practice Credits: 3 *
  • MECR 347 - Islamic Thought and Practice Credits: 3 *
  • MECR 349 - Christian Communities in the Middle East Credits: 2 *
  • MECR 363 - Historical and Social Settings of Modern Israel Credits: 3 *

Open Electives (30)

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